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Starting 22 June 2017 release, if you can't open the downloaded file in Winrar means the file extension need to be changed. Change the .rar extension to .mkv or else .mp4 (This apply for all files except TV Pack downloaded thru Google Drive)

To prevent from crawl and dead link, the file will be first copied to your Google Drive Account, then you can download into your hard drive. You may delete the file from your Google Drive Account once you finish download it

Google flag the site as NOT VERIFIED due to sudden raise on the traffic when we upload last Episode of Game of Thrones season 7. We can ensure you it is safe to login on this site using your Google account because everything is encrypted.
Q : aman ga nih ?
A : aman.
Q : ga suka nih min, mesti login login..
A : ya udah silahkan cari web lain gpp kok Mas/Mbak/Pak/Bu/Bro/Sist.

if it's single file, try to change ext from .rar to .mkv or else .mp4. You may need to check the title of the file to determine which file extension you need to changed into. See below example rename ext
For TV Pack, you may need to extract for each episode. Try to update the Winrar or else try with 7zip. You may download the Winrar 5.5 version on this link WinRAR 5.50 Final Full Version x86 - 3.76 MB

We're in process of updating our database. You may submit request on disqus window so it will be prioritize

Tidak Bisa. Mimin cuma tukang "cari" aja.. klo mau cepet coba aja cari link yg masih hidup, nanti di "cari" mirror google drive nya, sekarang sudah jarang orang upload yang 480p, kebanyakan 720p x264 atau x265, di kecilin donk dari itu ? Maaf ga ngerti caranya.
We're trying to upload TV series in single link file. Will split the file into each episode in case the file is too big to be uploaded.
For ongoing TV Series, we unable to make it single link. Once the final season release, we might release the single link download
Yes we can but cant be in huge size due to our personal upload
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Will try to facilitate your request.
Price are negotiable.

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