NEW Google Sign In - No User Agent Needed !

Use IE10 or User Agent Switcher Needed !

Quick Login

Notes :
- Khusus untuk yang sudah pakai Google Sign-in.
- Setelah login pakai google sign-in, bisa set password untuk quick login, di menu Account Profile.

Google Sign-in - mozilla firefox

- install this add on
- Choose Internet Explorer 9/10 in this add on Menu.

- Login using google sign-in.
- choose allow.

- Done. Enjoy

Google Sign-in - safari

- Go to preferences - tab advance - Check "Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar"
- it is the same in windows, linux and mac.

- go to menu "Develop" - user agent - Choose Internet Explorer 9/10 - Done, Try Login using google sign-in.

- Done. Enjoy